• Chatbot practical uses

7 practical uses for Chatbots

  • Customer service: Chatbots are used to  make customer service more efficient by being able to answer frequently asked questions 24/7. Facebook and Twitter are at the forefront of this movement.  Botsify.com ; Twitter chatbot
  • Teaching: Oyoty monitors what children are doing online and intervenes when there are inappropriate behaviour. The child has the option to delete or change inappropriate content.
  • Ordering flowers: You can now order flowers via a chatbot
  • Hail a taxi: You can now talk uber chatbot to order you next ride.
  • Improving the environment:  Facebook has an internal-only Messenger bot called “Crisis Bot” to monitor what happens during major crises, when its Safety Check feature is activated.
  • Ordering food: Fast chains like Pizza Hut and TGI now use bots to take orders.

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