Facebook Live Chat Help & Tips

This is the place to get Facbook help via live chat.

Privacy concerns?

We can show you how to change your privacy settings to meet your needs.

  • Limit who can search for you on Facebook
  • Control who can tag you
  • Restrict your timeline & control who can post / write on it
  • Create different groups and limit what each can see

Do you have a problem with an app?

  • When you are in the app click  Report / Contact the app in the lower right hand corner
  • If you can’t find the app search for it in the App Center
  • Click on the app
  • Click report a problem in the right column

 Password issues?

  • Forgot your password; reset it with your verified email on file. Reset password
  • Get help from  trusted friends if your email is not up-to-date. Request help from friends
  • Locked out of password reset, wait 24 hours and try again. Details.
  • If a friend’s account was hacked tell them to re-secure their account
  • If your account was hacked you can secure it

Current important topic

Prefer to chat with a real person to get help, select the live chat link on the right of this screen. For email support use appeals@facebook.com

We don’t offer Facebook support via telephone, so if live chat is offline please check back.