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Facebook Live Help & Tips

This is the place to get Facebook help via live chat and learn about new features, privacy controls and more. Please don’t share any personal information during the live chat session(s) on this site. This page is in no way associated with Facebook and can only guide you through changes to meet your needs.

Can I call Facebook?

The only way to contact Facebook directly is via their online help center

Privacy concerns?

We can show you how to change your privacy settings to meet your needs.

  • Limit who can search for you on Facebook
  • Control who can tag you
  • Restrict your timeline & control who can post/write on it
  • Create different groups and limit what each can see

How to control what Facebook shares about you, with live help support

  1. Change your privacy settings
    • Control what information is shared about you; see current options in the pic displayed on the right / below.
  2. Choose your friends carefully
    • If your friend’s security settings are not as strong as yours, their friends can see your friendship, photos and post you are tagged in.
  3. Be careful of third-party apps
    • These apps may have access to your contacts, username and other personal information.

Privacy settings currently available

To enlarge, click the picture.

Do you have a problem with an app?

  • When you are in the app click  Report / Contact the app in the lower right-hand corner
  • If you can’t find the app search for it in the App Center
  • Click on the app
  • Click report a problem in the right column

 Password & Login issues?

  • Forgot your password; reset it with your verified email on file. Reset password
  • Recover your account with help from trusted friends; this method is suitable if you don’t have access to your email on file. Request help from friends
  • Locked out of password reset, wait 24 hours and try again. Details.
  • If a friend’s account was hacked tell them to re-secure their account
  • If your account was hacked you can secure it
  • If you have a general issue login into your Facebook account follow these steps

 New features

  • Nearby friends – Let’s you know when friends are nearby
  • Reaction buttons – Give more options to react to posts

Prefer to chat with a real person to get help, select the live chat link on bottom/right of this screen. For email support use appeals@facebook.com

We don’t offer Facebook support via telephone, so if live chat is offline please check back.