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Huawei Live Chat Support

This page is dedicated to giving one and one personal help for most of Huwawei’s phones, the support is offered via live chat, in English only.

Below are some of the phones we offer live chat support for but we are not limited by the  list. The Huawei Valiant that is included on the list is sold by Metropcs USA and is one of the best value for money.

NameAdditional Info
Ascend Y530New
Huawei ValiantAvailable at MetroPCS USA from $19
Huawei_VitriaAvailable at MetroPCS - 4G LTE Connectivity, from $99
Ascend Y600
Ascend G730Dual SIM

Please feel free to get personal advice for any of the phone’s on the above list, by selecting the live help button on this screen.