How to use the Tinder App like a Pro

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Below are things that should be done that will assist in getting your desired match(es)

  • Changing the default pictures – In most cases it’s best to change the pictures chosen by the app
  • Edit your description – Write something that describes what you are about and what you are on Tinder for. Not all persons are there for dating or hookups.
  • Modify the settings to best meet your needs
    • Choose the gender you are interested in
    • The age group – You have to be 18 or older to Join
  • Liking matches – This is simple as swiping right
  • Choosing what pictures / persons to like – This should be based on your objectives i.e. Friendship, dating, hookups etc..
  • How to use the Tinder to chat but not be found by new persons – The main reason for doing this is to concentrate on one or few persons and not being out there. Look on it like not going out to club but chatting with a few persons you met there.

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