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  • How to delete sent messages
    • The feature lets you delete sent messages within seven minutes of sending them. This works for all type of messages e.g photos, contacts, videos, Gifts etc.
  • Protect your account from hackers with Two-Step verification
  • Did you know you can use WhatsApp from a computer?
  • Setting up privacy settings
  • How to block someone
  • Unable to download or update Whatsapp application

Trending question(s)

Q: I am unable to verify my number while traveling?
A: You have to ensure you have access to voice or SMS service as this is needed for verification

Q: Can I back up my messages and media files?
A:  This can be done from the settings menu using iClould for iPhone users and Google drive for Andriod.  Local backups are done daily at 2.am. and saved as a file on your phone

Q: How can I retrieve messages and files if they were not backed up?
A: The only option is to try and restore  from the local backup file, if this is not available there is no other option

New Group video chat being rolled out

After being tested in Android beta version 2.18.52 or later it is being rolled out to a few subscribers. This new feature lets you video chats with several of your contacts at once.

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