Twitter Live chat help support

If you are looking for a real person to help/explain FAQs issues and questions, you are in the right place.

Select the live chat link on the right hand/bottom (mobile) of the screen to chat with a real person to get help with:

  • Why you can’t follow anyone
  • Is there a follow limit
  • Why is my account barred
  • How to put updates on my  webpage & blog
  • How to legitimately get  more followers
  • Who to follow
  • What Twitter apps are best for you
  • How to use Twitter to best suit my personal needs
  • Help with reporting abuse and bullying
    • Note we can’t help with bullying but will show you how to report it.

If you would like to speak to a real person please select the live chat button on the right hand/bottom (mobile) of the screen; however, note our agents don’t have access to account details.

Best options for contacting Twitter directly



Phone: 415-222-9670 (Average wait time is 20 mins)